blog³ is a blogging engine and first class citizen on the Semantic Web. blog³ provides an extensible plug-ins architecture that enables authentication and authorisation, in-line preview and search-engine indexing for all data. Furthermore, blog³ provides an integrated vocabulary and schema-editing environment, which allows users to describe and display data in its intended context. Finally, blog³ exports all data in a variety of formats, including: HTML, XML-RPC, RDF/XML, N-triples, N3 and Turtle. blog³ enables the linking of Web services right into the Notebook system; the current demo makes use of a wide variety of Chemistry services and we are developing a Health and Safety machine processable system to further demonstrate the use of oreChem and blog³. A demo of blog³ was recorded for the 2010 All Hands Meeting for the e-Research South Booth ( This shows the power and potential of the "Blog Factory" system in creating a Lab Notebook that is at its core, fully semantic (based on RDF). All objects have a URI and are linked by relations. Information is recorded in context, as Linked Data, and linking is not something that is added later!