The Team

The following people will make up the core team of personnel from Southampton, Chemistry and SSI (formerly OMII) in ECS, UKOLN, STFC and partners.

Jeremy Frey (PI)
Prof of Physical Chemistry, highly interdisciplinary researcher working extensively with Computer Scientists & Engineers in the UK e-Science programme (EPSRC, JISC and Industry) to promote facilitating research with the tools of the digital environment.

Simon Coles
Directs the UK National Crystallography Service (£4M), which serves a community of around 100 UK academics. He has been PI on numerous e-research and e-learning projects (>£1M funding), has ca 400 journal publications and is on the editorial board of 5 journals.

Tim Parkinson (PM)
Project Manager at the University of Southampton where he is responsible for day to day management of teams connecting researchers to distributed computing facilities through a mixture of software development and consultancy engagements.

Lead & Original Designers
Andrew Milsted is the lead designer and developer of LabTrove;
Mark Borkum is designer and developer of blog³; Mark has previously worked on scientific social networking applications including MyExperiment. 
Stephen Wilson Lead designer & developer LabBroker

Justin Bradley, John Robinson & Steve Crouch were Software Architects for OMII-UK (now SSI), leading software product evaluations for the OMII-UK Commissioned Software Programme with specific expertise of converting academic code to robust service code.

Southampton Chemistry & Physics users
Richard Chapman, Tom Butcher, Graham Tizzard: Developers and testers with expertise of LabTrove and LabBroker.

Colin Bird
Interests in classification, schema development and user requirements, documentation and project management; consultant on the oreChem project.

Brian Matthews (CI) leader of the Scientific Applications Group (e-Science Centre) with a major role in supporting facilities, developing the CSMD metadata model for science, I2S2, federated authentication across STFC and the ePubs archive. Cameron Neylon works at the ISIS facility, user and developer for LabTrove services and a champion of the technical and social issues involved with ‘Open Research’.

Liz Lyon is Director of UKOLN. She led the eBank UK project, is Associate Director (Community Development) of the UK Digital Curation Centre (DCC) authored the Dealing with Data Report and is co-PI of the I2S2 project. She has a doctorate in cellular biochemistry. Manjula Patel has worked on the eCrystals Project looking at the curation and preservation of crystallography data and is Project Manager of the I2S2 project. Alex Ball worked on the EPSRC KIM project investigating engineering data curation issues Emma Tonkin has worked on several JISC projects (IEMSR & IESR), Mahendra Mahey (DevCSI) & Michelle Smith have events support experience and Sarah Hext provides administrative support. Neil Beagrie (Charles Beagrie Ltd) - international expert on digital preservation and curation, has undertaken consultancy for the Library of Congress, JISC, and the European Commission and specifically involved in cost-benefit analysis for the JISC MRD programme.